See the first Lego Animal Crossing sets

Last week, Lego officially revealed that Animal Crossing was making its way to bricks with a brief tease; today, we’re getting our first look at the first five actual Lego sets that will arrive March 1st, 2024.

It turns out they’re not big and blocky like Lego Super Mario or the pricey detailed replicas the Danish company often creates. Instead, Lego and Nintendo want to let you build your own Animal Crossing: New Horizons island one (relatively) affordable set at a time.

Here’s what it would look like if you spent $180 on all five sets at once:

And here’s the full array of Animal Crossing villager minifigs they include:

It’s yet not clear if the minifigs will be sold separately. Image: Lego

Tom Nook, always happy to take your hard-earned Bells. Image: Lego

That’s right. Tom isn’t just going to let you borrow that cup of sugar. Image: Lego

Another angle on the shop. Image: Lego

Isabelle’s house. Image: Lego

It’s cozy in there. Image: Lego

With carrot, pumpkin, acorn, apples, flowers, and a watering can, it’s definitely the green thumb set. Image: Lego

K.K. Slider represent. (Check out what Kapp’n is holding.) Image: Lego

Lego did a lot with a tiny space here. Image: Lego

Minifig and desserts. Image: Lego

So much cake. Image: Lego

The scale of each set is honestly just about right for how the outside of these places would appear in the games. Here’s Nook’s Cranny again for comparison:

Nintendo Switch… Image: Nintendo

Just like a Tardis, the in-game locales are always much bigger on the inside — but I can totally see why the company went this way instead of making something more detailed.

I’m happy it’ll be easier on my family’s bank account; it’s more accessible as gifts and for kids, and it lets Lego and Nintendo keep on pumping out new locales and villagers to tempt us to keep on building our islands.



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