Roborock adds the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max to its wide range of robot vacuums

Robot vacuum manufacturer Roborock announced three new vacuum products at IFA 2023, the global tech show taking place in Berlin this week: The Q5 Pro robot vac; the Q8 Max robot vac; and the Dyad Pro Combo wet / dry stick vacuum. The new lidar-powered robot vacuums add more than double the suction power of previous models, a new and more advanced DuoRoller brush system, and more app features for a lower price. The Dyad Pro is a multi-functional upright vacuum that can convert to a stick vacuum.

Part of the company’s more affordable Q line, the Q5 Pro costs $429.99 standalone or $699.99 for the Q5 Pro Plus with an auto-empty charging dock. The Q8 Max costs $599.99 standalone or $819.99 for the Q8 Max Plus. Both are slated to go on sale in October.

The Roborock Q5 Pro and Q5 Pro Plus have dual roller brushes, mopping, and smart mapping features but can’t avoid objects the way the Q8 Max can. Image: Roborock

The Q5 Pro is an upgrade to the Q5 and, along with the Q8 Max, is the first Roborock outside of the top-of-the-line S range to adopt the new DuoRoller brush system, which the company introduced earlier this year. This adds two rubber brushes that move in opposite directions to get dirt up more effectively.

The Q5 Pro adds mopping, plus 5,500pa of suction power and a 770ml extra-large onboard dustbin. It works with the Roborock app to schedule the robot’s cleaning, create a map of your home, and add no-go zones to help the robot clean more effectively. A new feature can also flag areas where it gets into trouble and auto-suggest you set up no-go zones in the map.

A new fast cleaning option in the app lets you run the robot 30 percent faster, and you can now set a specific direction to clean along the floor so your robot will head out in the direction of the floor seams on wood or floor tiles.

Roborock introduced a new cleaning feature to its app that allows the vacuums to clean in line with the seams of hardwood or tile floors. Image: Roborock

The new Q8 Max is a step up from the Q5 Pro, adding Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance so it’s less likely to get stuck. It also has mopping but not the advanced mopping features of some of Roborock’s models (such as the oscillating spinning mop heads on the Q Revo or the ability to lift its mops when it goes over carpet as found on the S8). It does have a larger water tank than the Q5 Pro (350ml).

As someone who is less than sold on robot mops, I’m quite interested in this model. With 5,500pa suction power, dual roller brushes, and a basic mop, it’s the first midrange option with Roborock’s Reactivate Tech obstacle avoidance — which is not quite as good as its AI-powered avoidance but should help with avoiding socks and larger clutter.

Only Roborock’s S7 Max V has that more advanced obstacle avoidance — Reactive AI 2.0, which uses 3D structured light and a full-color camera to navigate potential pathway problems.

All of Roborock’s newer high-end models use the Reactive Tech system, which relies on 3D imaging instead of a full-color camera. An infrared sensor and a black-and-white camera help it navigate around things, and while it can see and avoid objects, it won’t know what obstacle it’s avoiding. Marcus Lai of Roborock tells me that this “performs as well as the Reactive AI 2.0.” I am skeptical.

The Dyad Pro Combo is five vacuums in one. Image: Roborock

The wet / dry vacuum converts to a stick vacuum for multisurface cleaning. Image: Roborock

The Dyad Pro Combo is a 5-in-1 wet / dry vacuum that can be converted into a stick vac. “It’s an all-in-one manual cleaning device for every surface,” says Lai. It features 17,000pa of suction, a multisurface brush, various attachments, and a pivotal head that makes it easy to maneuver. “It can suck up an entire bowl of cereal,” says Lai.

A smart sensor can detect how dirty the floor is and adjust the power level, and when you dock it, the vacuum will clean and dry itself. It has 60 minutes of runtime, costs $550, and also launches in October.



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