Philips Hue security camera images give us our best look yet at its home security ambitions

First came a report from a reputable blog, then came a series of blurry images via the FCC, and now The Verge can exclusively reveal renders of Philips Hue’s forthcoming entry into the smart home security market. The images come to us via Dave Zatz of ZatzNotFunny, who spotted them in an update to Philips Hue’s Android app released this week, and suggest that the smart lighting company is set to imminently announce its entry into the smart home security market.

The images show one Nest-style smart home security camera of a total of four that the company is rumored to be preparing for release, and its design matches up with photos that leaked via the FCC earlier this week. Alongside the images of the camera, there’s a render of what appears to be a refreshed motion sensor, as well as a contact sensor that’ll seemingly be used for sensing whether doors and windows are open or closed. 

The updated Android app also includes language referring to “arming” and “alarming,” which suggests a security focus beyond the company’s existing smart lighting products. Zigbee support in the cameras, which we learned via their FCC listings, suggests they’ll be able to function as motion sensors. HueBlog, which reported the existence of the upcoming security cameras and sensors earlier this month, reports that in Europe the cameras could retail for between €199.95 (around $217) and €349.95 (around $380), and that the contact sensor could start at €39.95 (around $43.38). 

Smart home security isn’t an entirely new market for Philips Hue parent company Signify. It’s other smart lighting brand WiZ announced its own security system earlier this year which included an indoor security camera, but could also use its lightbulbs themselves to detect intruders.



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