Nomad’s Hydro Flask Tracker lets you put an Apple AirTag on your water bottle

If you’re in the club of people who spend too much money on water bottles (hey, no judgments — I own a $90 water bottle), you probably get irrationally upset when you can’t find it. To keep that from happening, phone accessories maker Nomad has a new solution: the Hydro Flask Tracker. It consists of a small disc with a pocket just for your Apple AirTag — but Nomad is counting on you to provide the rest of what you need to track your water bottle: a Hydro Flask bottle (32oz or 40oz), an AirTag, and a Hydro Flask Medium Flex Boot.

That’s right: it’s an accessory (the Tracker) for you to put an accessory (AirTag) in so you can put those accessories (the Tracker and the AirTag) inside the accessory (Flex Boot) for your accessory (Hydro Flask).

Anyway, the Hydro Flask Tracker isn’t a bad idea — certainly better than just duct-taping a tracker to your bottle — and it lets you find your bottle with your iPhone using Apple’s Find My app. (If you’re not sure how that works, check out our Find My guide.) There’s a small cottage industry of Etsy sellers already making accessories for exactly this purpose, so obviously, there’s demand. Frankly, I’d love more companies to make super niche accessories like this.

Anyway, it’s for sale and shipping now. Nomad sent some pictures over.

The Hydro Flask Tracker without an AirTag in it. Image: Nomad

You only have to pay for one of these things if you already have all of the others. Image: Nomad

The disc thing is what you’re buying. Image: Nomad



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