How to Help and Donate to Wildfire Victims in Hawaii

Over 100 people are confirmed dead after a wildfire devastated parts of Maui, Hawaii. Families fled from their cars and into the ocean to escape the surging flames that engulfed the town of Lahaina with little warning. What ignited the wildfire remains unknown; multiple factors could have contributed to the disaster.

Hawaiians who survived are now returning to the rubble to begin the slow process of rebuilding their lives. About to visit Maui as a tourist? Postponing that trip is a good idea. 

If you want to send help to the people of Maui, the state’s governor, Josh Green, encourages you to be careful and verify charitable groups. Here are five reputable organizations that can deliver your donations to people affected by the wildfire in Hawaii.

Hawaii Community Foundation

Recommended by the state’s governor, the Hawaii Community Foundation supports survivors in multiple ways and provides grants to other organizations working in the community.

According to the group’s website, people have donated over $34 million to their dedicated relief efforts through the Maui Strong Fund. The Hawaii Community Foundation already gave out more than $4 million of those donations to grantees, like the Aloha Diaper Bank, Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Center, and Pacific Birth Collective.

Maui Food Bank

If you live on the island and would like to donate goods, the Maui Food Bank has requested items like rice, baby food, and menstrual products. For those wanting to help from afar, the charity accepts financial donations through its website. The Maui Food Bank claims it funds around four meals for each dollar donated.

Maui United Way

Maui United Way is another group working to help people impacted by the wildfire. The aid covers a range of areas, including counseling for survivors, transportation to the doctor’s office, and assistance replacing burnt IDs. The group accepts online donations for their disaster relief fund.

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

Through their Kāko’o Maui Fund, the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement provides immediate help to survivors. Outside of its disaster relief efforts, the nonprofit offers financial guidance and development opportunities to Hawaiians.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross currently provides on-the-ground relief for people impacted by the Hawaii wildfire. Services include overnight shelters, meals, and reunifications with loved ones who were separated during the disaster. Visit the group’s website to make a donation earmarked to help those impacted in Hawaii. You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a general $10 donation.



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