Google Pixel Watch Images Leaked Ahead Of Launch

Image Credit: Front Page Tech

Google is reportedly working on its own in-house smartwatch that’s set to launch in 2022 and now in a new YouTube video the search engine giant’s poster images for the Pixel Watch are revealed.

The video claims that these are official marketing assets that will be seen online soon, which avid leaker Jon Prosser allegedly captured from a leaked video.

According to the video, the smartwatch appears to have a negligible bezel and a slight curve, with the physical button also being visible. One of the images even showcases the Pixel Watch using Google Maps.

The device is expected to cost more than Fitbit’s line of products and could compete with the Apple Watch line of devices.

Google apparently wants to ensure that the wearable would be comfortable to wear for the majority of the population, which means it might come in various sizes.

The watch will have basic fitness tracking features, including step counting and a heart rate monitor, with Google also reportedly working on debuting a Fitbit integration into Wear OS with the new watch when it launches.

Google was earlier expected to unveil its first smartwatch alongside the Pixel 6, but the launch was reportedly delayed.

Meanwhile, Google has started rolling out its Camera app version 8.4 to older Pixel phones, bringing camera features from Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

The update includes a few new features, including a Timer light, a manual white balance toggle, and a manual exposure toggle.



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