Belkin’s new 2-in-1 charging dock might blend into your bedroom

Belkin has a new 2-in-1 charging dock that’s all about the looks. Yes, it offers the types of features you’d expect from a $129.95 charger, including letting you fast charge iPhones with MagSafe as well as Apple Watches. But if you do pay up for the new charging dock, you’re probably buying it because it looks great.

Offered in two neutral colors, sand or charcoal (basically white and black), “the dock achieves a stunning stone-like appearance, blending seamlessly into its environment whether it’s placed on a nightstand, kitchen counter or desk,” Belkin writes in its press release. Take Belkin’s marketing language there with a grain of salt, but I do think the charger has a really nice aesthetic.

Belkin’s new charger really ties this room together. Or maybe I feel that way because this is totally my vibe. Image: Belkin

The MagSafe pad on the top of the charger is also adjustable, meaning you can use the charger at an angle as a StandBy stand or make it flat to more easily charge other devices like your AirPods. You can charge your Apple Watch on its own separate pad that sticks out the back.



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