Google Pixel Watch Users Complain About Alarms Going Off Late

There’s something very alarming (no pun intended) about not being able to rely on 21st century technology to wake you up on time. It’s not a problem you’d think anyone with a smartphone or smart watch is likely to face, unless they regularly forget to recharge their gizmos. And yet, here we are.

Some Google Pixel Watch users have been reporting that their alarms have randomly been going off at the wrong time, sometimes early, but mostly late. Just do a Google search of “pixel watch alarm late reddit” and you’ll see what we mean.

The issue is thought to be plaguing alarms powered by Google’s Clock app. People have had their devices ring up to 10 minutes later than when they were supposed to go off. It’s not exactly clear what the problem might be, though it is expected to be unrelated to any particular software update.

But 9to5Google deduces that since all these user complaints revolve around alarms set for waking up in the morning, it could have to do with the Pixel Watch having trouble coming out of deep sleep. It’s allegedly not a morning person.

Google is likely to acknowledge and promise a fix for the Pixel Watch alarm bug soon, now that major media outlets have picked up on the news and it’s clearly a bigger story that just one random dude’s alarm going off at the wrong time.



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